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Medieval Monday has moved…

For those who have signed up to follow this blog but missed my last post, please note that the Weaving Word is no longer being updated. But you can find … Continue reading

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Inspiration Sunday! And a very important announcement…

“Have you thought of an ending?” “Yes, several, and all are dark and unpleasant.” “Oh, that won’t do! Books ought to have good endings. How would this do: and they … Continue reading

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Medieval Monday: Markets

Originally posted on Allison D. Reid:
I didn’t have much free time over the last week–my business has kept me overly busy. But I didn’t want to miss my Medieval…

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Medieval Monday: The Medieval Mill

Originally posted on Allison D. Reid:
Some of my recent posts have talked about the harvesting, threshing, and winnowing of grain, and how vital grains were as a food source…

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Medieval Monday: The Medieval Home

Originally posted on Allison D. Reid:
This week I came across a book that I’d honestly forgotten I owned. A treasure of information that speaks out to us from an…

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Medieval Monday: The Labors of September

Originally posted on Allison D. Reid:
? “Now in autumn, in which the fruits of the earth are assembled, is the time of reaping and of the vintage, and it…

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Medieval Monday: The Thrill of The Hunt

Originally posted on Allison D. Reid:
“The time of the hunter is without idleness and without evil thoughts…hunters live in this world more joyfully than any other men. For when…

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Medieval Monday: Pleasure Gardens

Originally posted on Allison D. Reid:
The last couple of posts have been about summer activities in the Middle Ages, from the hard labor of harvesting crops, to the diversions…

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Should Paul have Gone to Jerusalem?

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