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Featured Author: KJ Hawkins

Solstice TourEnjoy this month-long tour featuring authors of all fantasy genres.  Maybe among them you will find a new favorite! (Note that I have not read all of these works, and their appearance here is not necessarily a personal endorsement.)

KJ Hawkins is today’s featured author from the Magic of Solstice Fantasy Writers’ Tour.  She is also our fabulous DKC host for this awesome tour!

Help us get to know you better!  What do you write, and how do you describe yourself as an author?

My pen name is KJ Hawkins and I write fantasy of all sub genres. I have a big passion for mythical creatures, and Greek/Roman gods. The research process has always been fun for me. Another big topic for me are dragons and dragon riders. One of the series I have in the works centers around these two.

Describing myself as an author is hard. I am pretty new and still finding my place among the writing community. If anything, I would say I am a creative author with a spice of crazy. My characters are always a bit unusual when it comes to personalities. The idea of giving them their own backstory is a big plus. I am a big supporter of having female protagonists and letting them shine in the light. There is one series I am doing in a male’s perspective, mainly because his personality was so fun I couldn’t turn my back on letting him talk about his own adventures.

Of all the characters you’ve created, which one do you wish you could hang out with in real life and why?

Kerowyne Flares would have to be my top pick among all my characters. I love them all, but she has been in my head the longest. When I was in high school she came to me with a world and story that needed to be told. I am still working on her story but am getting there. 

What innermost passion drives your writing, and what do you hope your readers feel or experience when they read your work?

Innermost passion? hmmm…I guess it would have to be my eagerness to share my creations with the world. Deep down I am like a child who wants everyone to love each and every word I write, while a part of me knows not everyone will like it. 

What I want from readers is just for them to pick up my books and feel for each character. Mainly I want them to enjoy themselves reading and find inspiration for their own dreams. If it wasn’t for certain authors in my past touching me with their books, I wouldn’t be where I am today. 

The Magical Muse:  A Collection of Fantasy Stories Synopsis

The Magical Muse 72Stories of fantasy ranging from dark, to light and inspiring, bring life to this anthology.  The creatures featured throughout, both good and evil, display the devastating or wonderful personalities they were given by the authors who created them for your enjoyment.

Story blurb from The Magical Muse

Trisha finds herself in the clutches of a monster like no other. She has to fight her way to freedom only to find herself looking at death’s door. Will she survive the fight, or will a secret hidden from her be her saving grace?

The Origin by KJ Hawkins

Long ago before there were Titans and Gods there was only Zalak. Darkness enveloped the world in fire and darkness. Zalak alone found no pleasure in solitude so one day he decided to create ones such as he. Out of the empty void Zalak’s powers of Chaos created the almighty Titans.

Through his creation, Gaia, Tartarus, and Eros were born.  The first of the Titans walked from the dark pits creating a world they willingly destroyed. Zalak watched from the shadows growing bored with their arrogant ways. Time unfolded as the Greek Gods took form and Zeus overthrew Kronos.

Zalak saw the world turning from a dark pit into a beautiful oasis. As time of little creatures came to life he reentered the world. A great cataclysm unfolded bringing the world to its knees. The three fates joined together, siring a son that would hold the fate of the world in his hands.

Thantos took destiny into his hands, taking the gods of high power and creating the nine planets. Within each planet was a locked doorway into the realms of the gods, allowing chosen warriors to grasp the power to overthrow the dark one. Nine demi-gods were chosen and walked into battle against Zalak. Each fell, one after another, as the gods focused their power through their beings. Finally, a sacrifice pushed the mighty Jupiter to her breaking, point blasting Zalak into an icy imprisonment.

With the battle won and the nine warriors born of two worlds fallen, Thantos locked the doorways to the powers beyond. He knew Zalak would one day return, so he left behind his Greek brethren and went into exile. Time barely on their sides, Thantos grew an army of half-blood warriors in a school, later called Half-Blood Academy.

In time Zalak will return to revenge his defeat, but Thantos and his demigods will be ready.  The question remains, will the nine warriors be capable of defeating Zalak again or only push him back to prevent the inevitable?

Author Biography

KJ Hawkins is a young fantasy author making her way into print. She has had a strong love for fantasy since she was nine years old.

As an adult the magic stayed with her, inspiring her to write stories of adventure and magic.  Hawkins, at her best, brings personality to every word she writes, exciting her readers with every page.

Fun Fact 

KJ Hawkins is actually a pen name taken from the initials of her real first and last name. Hawkins came from her favorite childhood film, Treasure Planet; the lead character is James Hawkins!




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